Suman Baudh

Everyone has a mission in their life. Usually these are associated with one’s personal ambitions. But Suman Baudh has a mission– to change the gender norms, attitudes and inequality in her community. She does this in a unique way– through”Mission Sangeet” a unique genre of songs that aim to bring social change. This episode talks of her Mission and how she has been able to change the norms in her village.

Humein Udne Do

The seventh zine of Sapno Ka Haq explores what freedom, choice and agency mean to young adolescents in rural and semi-urban Uttar Pradesh. Based on a workshop with young girls, this is a zine that highlights the aspirations of personal and societal freedom for five young girls. 

Do Khiladi

Sport plays an important role in changing gender norms. Two young girls are using sport as a tool not just to achieve their professional ambitions but also to create a path for other girls to follow suit. This episode talks of how Meera, a cricketer and rajnandini, a runner are using sport as a tool for social change.

Manisha Ki Zidd

The eighth zine from Sapno Ka Haq wonders what can young girls achieve when they are able to exercise their agency and stall their early marriage? This zine tells the story of a young Manisha who was able to persuade her parents to stop her early marriage and went on to start a vocational training centre for young girls under the UP Skill Development Mission.