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Shiksha, pahunch, aur yuva, ek naye safar ki or

The first video looks at the issue of drop-out rates in formal educational systems in the concerned geographies of the study and the focus of this special series. The themes of access with sharp demarcations along gender, caste, and income level lines are illustrated in the form of exciting and attractive animation here. Project Udaya data points, such as the point about the mother’s education level affecting the child’s affirmatively, are enhanced in this retelling.

The place of government policies is brought up too, and the animation itself is driven by a solution-focussed mindset i.e. finding best ways forward to tackle and elevate the situation, as reflected in the animation title also. An investment and a personal stake by parents and caregivers is a key, under-estimated point flagged here.The translation of data points into animation so as to make the themes and issues more accessible will be further used in upcoming editions of My Bestie & I series.