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The UDAYA study provides a comprehensive insight into the quality of adolescents’ lives as they transition into adulthood. The YP Foundation took up on-ground interventions on adolescent health and reproductive rights in four districts of Bihar and eight districts in Uttar Pradesh. The aim was to make the UDAYA data accessible and useful for adolescents, and their stakeholders, 

Each intervention was led by a field consultant who was already engaging with adolescents and the local communities. The project organised meetings, campaigns and events to discuss and disseminate the UDAYA data and insights to various groups of adolescents, frontline workers, government officials, media organisations and even local leaders and stakeholders. It also undertook several activities which facilitated local adolescents and the wider community to approach and engage with government authorities and frontline workers involved in providing access and services for adolescent health and wellbeing. 

This section of the website details all the interventions according to the district they were conducted in, and includes the process of their work, how they used the UDAYA data to inform and strengthen their work, the challenges they faced, key learnings as well as project outcomes. It also contains reflections and learnings shared by the team in the process of conducting the intervention. Two galleries provide news and media reports that were published during or following their interventions and some pictures of the on-ground action.  

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