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The YP Foundation

The YP Foundation (TYPF) is a youth development organisation  that works to build and influence young people’s leadership, collectives, and ecosystems to achieve social equity, justice, and rights through their meaningful participation in decision making. TYPF facilitates young people’s feminist and rights-based leadership on issues of health equity, gender justice, sexuality rights, and social justice. TYPF ensures young people have access to information, services and rights and are recognised as transformative leaders by their peers, communities and policymakers. 

The YP Foundation partnered with the UDAYA project to use UDAYA data for on ground action to address the issues and gaps that the study highlighted as relevant for enabling more successful transitions to adulthood for adolescents in UP and Bihar. The YP Foundation also convened and initiated creative partnerships to create resources that enable conversation about the issues highlighted in the study with diverse stakeholders and audiences. The YP Foundation is invested in empowering adolescents and youth with the ability to create, understand and use data and research to lead their development and growth. The partnership engaged young people as well as their stakeholders with UDAYA insights and supported evidence based action for positive change. 

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