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The UDAYA study used cross-sectional and longitudinal surveys to explore, assess and provide information on factors that determine successful transitions from adolescence to adulthood. These were broadly divided into themes, based on state and national context, family, media and community environment, assets acquired in adolescence, and the actual quality of transition to young adulthood and beyond. The themes listed in this section are themes selected by individuals and organisations to further inform and validate their projects.


This theme covers narratives that discuss aspirations of adolescents and young people, the challenges that they face in attaining them, and inspirational stories of individuals who have overcome barriers to achieve their dreams.

Health and Nutrition

This theme explores topics of health and nutrition, including mental health and substance abuse. The narratives discuss issues like prevalence (and prevention) of anaemia, common misconceptions about mental stress in adolescents, as well as the range of stressors and mental health issues faced by adolescents, and the need for the family and community to provide timely support. It also includes on-ground interventions which focussed their work around the UDAYA data on health and nutrition.

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Sexual And Reproductive Health

The narratives in this theme discuss issues like limited information on sexual and reproductive health issues available to adolescents and young people, and common misconceptions and barriers faced by young people in seeking information and advice on sexual health/STIs.


The narratives in this theme explore educational aspirations of adolescents, financial and other barriers they face in attaining quality education as well as the effects of lockdown on school children.

Digital Media and Technology

This theme explores narratives on digital media use among adolescents, the gender gap in access, and how young people benefit from using social media.

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These narratives explore the formation of gender attitudes and how they are perpetuated over generations, the contrasting journeys of boys and girls in pursuing their aspirations, and the challenges faced by girls in attaining their aspirations.

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